Trace Chemicals

Initially Trace Chemicals was a sub-segment of Trace Trading, however over the years the business has grown significantly to make us one of the fastest growing chemical suppliers in the region and one of the few approved chemical suppliers within ADNOC group companies. We are currently working with some of the leading chemical manufacturing companies world wide and we are the proud agents of KEMIRA specialty chemicals in UAE.

Envirocon Construction Chemicals

Envirocon was formed in 2009 as joint venture between Trace and Envirocon International to meet the local demand in the construction industry.

Emerging as a leader of the construction products industry, Envirocon products include concrete Admixtures, Cementicious additives and Masonry products that are designed to strengthen, protect and assist into the eco life cycle of the most important structures. We and Envirocon remain committed to raising the standards of the industry through the development of innovative new products, process and practices to meet the needs of our valued customers. For further information please visit

Product line

Concrete admixtures & high performance additives
. High performance admixtures
. Water Reducers / Plasticisers
. Set retarders
. Air entraining agents
. Damp proofers/integral waterproofing

Mortar, plaster & Block Additives
. Bonding agents
. Mortar admixtures
. Block admixtures
. Additives for foamed concrete (lightweight insulation)

Surface treatments
. Mould release agents
. Curing agents
. Flooring compounds

Grouting and repair materials
. Repair mortars / Polymer modified repair
. Cementitous Grouts / non shrink grout additives