Group Of Companies

Trace Group consists of 3 companies, with each offering a range of value added services across targeted key markets, that are tailor made to support our clients in meeting their short and long-term objectives.

Trace Transport

Trace Transport was formed in 1979 serving oil and gas companies in the UAE to meet their heavy transportation requirements, and is one of our largest divisions in the Trace Group. ....

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Trace Trading

Trace Trading was established in 1983 as a general trading source which services both overseas and domestic customers. .....

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Trace Services

Trace Services was formed in 1992 and has been part of Trace Group in supplying specialized products to private and public companies in the construction sector across the UAE.

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Trace Recovery Services

If you're stuck or your CAR broke down or need roadside assistance, our 24/7 car recovery service will have you picked up in no time! .....

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Trace Chemicals

Initially Trace Chemicals was a sub-segment of Trace Trading, however over the years the business has grown significantly to make us one of the fastest growing .....

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Trace Plastic Industries

Trace Plastic Industries is one of our up-coming project that is going to provide the UAE market Quality Plastic Products Industrial Grade including Pallets and Hard plastic boxes. ....

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